Seed Sale


What is Seed Sale?

Seed sale is a type of fundraising event that is held by a company or project to raise capital from a select group of investors. Seed sales are typically held before a company or project goes public and are meant to provide an opportunity for early investors to get in on the ground floor of a potentially lucrative investment.

Are you looking for a high-potential investment opportunity? Look no further than loudbeats and beatsAI®.

loudbeats is a dynamic and innovative company poised to disrupt the music. Our service is unlike anything else on the market, and we have a strong competitive advantage that sets us apart from the competition. What is LOUDBEATS?

We have already achieved milestones and a clear roadmap for continued growth and success.

But we can't achieve our ambitious goals without the support of forward-thinking investors like you. By investing in loudbeats and beatsAI® , you will not only be supporting a game-changing company but also positioning yourself for potentially significant returns on your investment.

So don't miss out on this exciting opportunity. Join us as we revolutionize the [industry/market] and create value for our investors. Invest in loudbeats and beatsAI® today and be a part of our journey to success.

Seed Sale Partner

GemPad is a Seed Sale Partner for loudbeats, providing support and resources to help the platform raise funds and grow its community of supporters. As a Seed Sale Partner, GemPad will help facilitate the sale of $BTS tokens, the native currency of the loudbeats platform, through its innovative platform designed to provide a seamless and secure investment experience for participants. Through this partnership, loudbeats aims to increase awareness and support for its mission to create a fair and transparent music industry, while GemPad provides access to a community of potential investors interested in supporting innovative projects with high potential for growth and impact.

loudbeats will be launching its Seed Sale in March 23, 2023

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